Help us raise funds for the Night Turtle Dance!

We need your help!

This year will be the 5th year of the dance. Every year it grows larger as word spreads, and others who wish to share in the sacredness of this ceremony come forward. This year is a turning point for us: the dance we anticipate will be larger then any of the previous years, and it is an opportunity to see it start to move beyond our meadows. We hope to extend the life of this dance, and see it grow and thrive, ultimately, in other communities across the planet. We already are making plans to take the dance to the United Kingdom, and to Mexico. But we are still in the seedling stages and we need your help, right here, right now.  

  • Dates this year: August 17-19.
    Port Orchard, WA.

1 Turtle Altar, 50 Dancers, 4 Drummers, 10 helpers & YOU!

The Night Turtle Dance is not an event for an audience, it is a ceremony that opens and welcomes everyone who wishes to join in loving the Earth. This ceremony was borne of a vision honoring Mother Earth, with everyone supporting in some way. Most do this by dancing, others by singing and drumming, others are the backbone crew who build the altar, tend the fire, lead the dancers, and oversee all the many details. Everyone has a part, and this year we are hoping you will take part in this sacred ceremony, too, by helping make it happen through your contributions. We are so grateful for your support!


We need to raise just $2000. Here's where the funds go: 

$900 for two round-trip airplane tickets for the main dance leaders coming from Denver and Boston. 

$255 for the cost of ferries for the 10 helpers who plan and prepare the land for the ceremony, laying down the design for the turtle-back altar in a field in a forest near Olympia, WA.

$100 for ferries for 4 additional helpers who come early to coordinate logistics.

$250 for camping and food for the 10 helpers and their volunteers. 

$220 for transportation for the two other dance leaders, one coming from eastern Washington, another from Oregon.

$75 to rent a slide projector for an event designed to inform others in the community about the dance, and invite them to participate as dancers, singers or helpers.

Why is "The Night Turtle Dance" Important?

...My body, my clothes, my home, my planet... 

The Earth gives us EVERYTHING. Food, clothes, shelter, the ground upon which we stand.

Several years ago Sarah brought into being a beautiful vision: She saw dancers all clad in white flying over the grass like geese on the back of a huge turtle. Each year more people, of all ages and abilities join, moving in perfect formation all night long in a series of patterns, with a stamina that surpasses even their own hopes and dreams. Mother Earth has been so generous with us; this ceremony is a way to give love back to her. 

We deeply thank you for your time, your support and your love of this beauteous planet, our mother, Earth.